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Unlimited Full Size Cable Riding No Long Term Contract

Unlimited Full Size Cable RidingUnlimited Full Size Cable Riding

10% off Pro Shop and Dockside Grill10% off Pro Shop

Unlimited Full Size Cable RidingSummer Camp Discount

Family membership ratesFamily membership rates

Can cancel at any time with 30 days noticeCan cancel at any time with 30 days notice




Monthly $99

+ $69 with any gear (optional) 

+ $299 one time Redeemable Initiation fee

 50% off all wakeboard, binding, helmet, and vest purchase up to $299 for up to 30 days after the purchase of the monthly reoccurring membership

1 MONTH $299 $499
6 MONTH $799 $1299
ANNUAL $1199 $1899

This place it oo much fun for everyone !! Beginners can learn to wakeboard, wakesurf and experts can FLY !!! There is the cable park as well as the BEST boats to tow you through BIG wakes. Totally affordable TOO !!

Sarah Crisp

It’s amazing. I’ve been going for three years already and every year I go to the summer camp. The staff are very helpful with gear, learning how to ride, and tricks. I’ve improved very much since three years ago. They would give me confidence that I can do anything and I’ve gotten better year by year. It is also a fun place to go on a hot summer day and go relax and cool down in the water or the shade in the big tiki hut. When I go, my parents and I all enjoy it because I get to do something I love while they get to relax in the shade and watch me have fun time.

Michael Rivera

Professionally Done. This cable-park offers the cleanest, clearest water (not a swamp), 3 distinct cable experiences, enthusiastic staff & instructors, pro shop with all the gear, food and beverages, massive outdoor covered tiki hut styled pavilion, seating, padded couches, showers, bathrooms, and everything a world-class watersports professional rider needs to train for competitions. Sporting three cables leaves the line to get sent — minimal – so you’re on the water – not waiting in lines. Say you’re just starting or wishing to cross train – the beginner cable has pros hucking air tricks – yet it’s just the right speed and set up to earn the ride time one needs to catch-on to the skills as a beginner. It just FEELS SAFE for beginners and it works! Miami Watersports Complex is a WIN every time I ride there.

Get’cha Sum!

Jacob Bunch

I visited MWCC in Januuary and loved it! The guys that run it are really nice, relaxed and enthusiastic about the sport; their boat is absolutely top of the line and the cable system is currently being built in Germany. I look forward to seeing that in action next time I am in Miami. If you are looking to wakeboard in Miami these are the guys to call.

Chris Nias