Miami Watersports Complex

A boat and cable park operation that delivers customers an active, watersports lifestyle that is safe, healthy, family friendly, and environmentally conscious. Miami Watersports Complex, is one of the largest cable wakeboard parks in the U.S. and the most recognized parks in the world.

“Miami Watersports Complex (or MWC) is an awesome place to go play in the water. You have everything wakeboarding related, from Surfing on the latest wakeboat , to a cable park that is full of features. The team is awesome and always friendly there!”

Brandon Green

“I had a awesome first time! I am going back this week cant wait!! I am bringing friends!”

Joshua Finch

“Awesome! The advanced side was under maintenance so it was a bit crowded during the early hours, but still amazing! Staff was really helpful! Would be 7 stars if the other side had been open as well! “

Oskar Carlbaum

“Great place to lean and to sharpen your skills ..also great great staff Salty teach my son how to kneeboard”

Francisco Esteves

“I visited MWCC in January and loved it! The guys that run it are really nice, relaxed and enthusiastic about the sport; their boat is absolutely top of the line and the cable system is currently being built in Germany. I look forward to seeing that in action next time I am in Miami. If you are looking to wakeboard in Miami these are the guys to call.”

Chris Nias

“It’s amazing. I’ve been going for three years already and every year I go to the summer camp. The staff are very helpful with gear, learning how to ride, and tricks. I’ve improved very much since three years ago. They would give me confidence that I can do anything and I’ve gotten better year by year. It is also a fun place to go on a hot summer day and go relax and cool down in the water or the shade in the big tiki hut. When I go, my parents and I all enjoy it because I get to do something I love while they get to relax in the shade and watch me have fun time.”

Michael Rivera